AI 기반 교육용 소프트웨어 IBM Teaching Advisor

    AI 기반 교육용 소프트웨어 IBM Teaching Advisor


    teachingadvisor-678x381출처 :


    좋은 교육은 좋은 교사에게서 나온다는 진리.


    IBM Cognitive Computing기술과 IBM Watson의 기술을 활용하여 다음세대 STEM Leaders를 준비하기 위해 교사 역량강화와 효율적인 수업을 지원하는 서비스 free online artificial intelligence (AI)-Teaching Advisor출시.


    Teaching Advisor는 미국 내 수학 선도교사를 활용해 지도학습을 시켰고 1,000명 이상의 교사들로부터 피드백을 통해서 훈련된 인공지능 기반 소프트웨어임.


    이미 IBM International Foundation은 P-TECH 9-14 학교를 통해 STEM교육에 대한 성공 방정식을 가지고 있음.


    관련 기사 :


    When it comes to education, data shows that deep knowledge and practical skills in science and math levels the playing field of opportunity for a diverse population of young people, regardless of zip code. Despite the fact that success in math in the elementary grades connects directly to achievement across all subjects, elementary school teachers – who teach all subjects – often do not get either the preparation or support they need to improve their ability to teach math effectively.


    All researchers agree on one data point: nothing produces high levels of student achievement more than quality teaching. We have seen how rigorous STEM education in IBM P-TECH 9-14 schools is already propelling successful graduates into college and new-collar careers. And we’ve learned that by forging deep partnerships among the public and private sectors, we can prepare young people to compete in the global economy while meeting the growing needs of industry. And yet, despite their best efforts, many teachers lack the resources to help them deliver higher quality instruction.


    And so today, the IBM International Foundation is announcing an exciting development in our ongoing drive to strengthen education at all levels and help prepare the next generation of STEM leaders. Teacher Advisor With Watson focuses the innovative power of IBM cognitive computing on perhaps the most critical – yet all-too-overlooked – aspect of education: helping teachers improve their skills and educate our children more effectively.


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