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    IBM Watson Videos



    IBM Watson을 활용한 교육에 대한 동영상(Teacher Advisor 포함)과 기술 현황 동영상 모음입니다.

    Watson: How It Works

    IBM Watson이 어떻게 인간이 생각하는 프로세스와 유사한 방식으로 동작하는가에 대한 설명 비디오


    IBM Watson Education : IBM Watson을 활용한 개인화된 교수학습 경험


    IBM Watson Element, an IBM MobileFirst education app for iOS, provides teachers with a single 360-degree view of students by consolidating various academic, social, and behavioral data sources. These insights generate suggestions on how best to help each student so they receive targeted support in the classroom more quickly



    IBM Watson Enlight, built for teachers, by teachers, is a planning tool that supports teachers with curated, personalized learning content and activities to align with each student’s needs. Teachers have access to key insights into students’ academic strengths and weaknesses as they create individualized learning experiences.




    Enhancing early childhood education. Empowering teachers with new levels of

    How can you place children on a level playing field? Or in this case, learning field?

    Georgia’s Gwinnett County Public Schools, one of the nation’s top urban school districts, has completed an initial pilot of the industry’s first cognitive, tablet-based, vocabulary learning app. This app is built on an IBM and Sesame play and learning platform and can identify areas that require additional focus for each and every learner.

    Discover how IBM Watson™ and Sesame Workshop help children be the best they can be.

    Watson이 적용된 페퍼


    2015 Japan ThinkForum Bilingual at Bank 영상. ‘ 페퍼’로봇에 IBM왓슨이 적용되었습니다. 인간과 똑같은 말투로 학습, 체험등을 통해 세상을 이해하게 됩니다. 최근에는 일본어를 학습해 영어, 일본어를 자유자재로 구사하네요. 코그너티브 컴퓨팅의 무한한 비지니스 적용분야는 어디가 끝일까요?

    명견만리, 인공지능은 인간의 친구가 될것인가?

    인간과 인공지능의 첫 대결 기억하시나요? 2011년 인간 퀴즈왕을 꺾었던 인공지능 왓슨!! 왓슨은 지금 무엇을 하고 있을까요? [명견만리 플러스 6화] IBM 김연주 상무 “인공지능은 인간의 친구가 될 수 있을까?”


    Watson : 한국어를 배우다.